7 Design Blogs We Love and Recommend

7 Design Blogs We Love and Recommend

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You just got to love the variety the Internet offers. There is just so much inspiration lying around. And what’s more, most of it is free. Here is our list of 7 recommended resources that guarantee you a daily source of design inspiration.

1. Apartment Therapy

Founded by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, Apartment Therapy is one of the heavy weights in the online interior design niche with its blogging network reaching a staggering 3 million unique visitors a month. Powered by a huge team of writers and with dozens of articles pouring in each day it’s quite easy to get lost in the sea of inspiration!

2. Freshome

Freshome delivers a steady stream of posts pumped in by Michael and his team of dedicated writers. A personal friend and a source of inspiration, his blog never fails to impress and will make you keep coming back for more.

3. Contemporist

Covering architecture, interior design and cool products, Erin and Dave at the Contemporist are quick at spotting and featuring the latest stories and trends.

4. Arch Daily

One of the top blogs to follow if you are into architecture, the Arch Daily hunts down terrific original stories for its readers. The staff of Arch Daily need to be congratulated for the consistent editorial quality content they provide and it is not a surprise that the site is featured in the top 10 list of nominees for the ‘Best Online Magazine’ at the Open Web Awards run by Mashable.

5. Style Files

Style Files, is a design blog slanted towards a female audience and is run by Danielle de Lange from Netherlands. To quote her, the Style Files provides worldwide coverage [of interior design] from a European viewpoint, with an emphasis on Dutch and the -not so standard- design.

6. Digs Digs

With a steady dose of beautiful imagery that you could drool over, Digs Digs keeps its readers hooked.


Neither a ‘blog’ nor a site exclusively dedicated to interior design, the incredibly addictive NOTCOT is still something you would not want to miss. “Curated User Submissions” ensure that the site has a healthy mix of editorial as well as user driven content. NOTCOT is User Experience Designer Jean Aw’s brainchild.

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