Twilight New Moon House: Cullens Residence

Twilight New Moon House: Cullens Residence

Twilight: New Moon cashed in on $72.7 million on its opening day! It was the highest grosser ever, surpassing The Dark Night, which managed a decent $67.2 million on its big day.

Since the cast and crew of the movie were basking in the glory of their success, we decided to capture a rare treat from the movie for our readers – The house featured in the New Moon Movie!

Arthur Erickson inspired and renovated by Brian Hemingway, this house is nestled amongst towering trees in a gorgeous greenbelt, and is adorned with the finest and the most exquisite pieces of contemporary furniture. With a total of 15 rooms, this house comes with a price tag of Rs.15.4 crores. ($3,298,000.)

To experience the luxury, take a peek below.

If you think this home is better than the other Twilight home, tell us in the comments.

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Images via Soprovich

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