Stunning Residence in Hollywood Hills

Stunning Residence in Hollywood Hills

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Hollywood spells luxury.

Whether it’s a house or a car, a touch of extravagance adds to the glamor that is Hollywood and completes the experience of living lavishly.
Italian windows, view of the city, personal pool, elaborate furnishings, extra-big screen TV’s and elegance lets one feel like the King of the World.

Shown below is a house, cozying up to the Hollywood Hills. With pleasant interiors, contemporary furniture and a view to kill for, it has everything one could ask for AND is ecologically sustainable. Maybe it’s the movie projected on the huge white walls of the house, but we can’t help not draw a comparison with this Nightingale House, featured before on Home-Designing.

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Watch the video: Hollywood Hills Modern Mansion with Stunning City Views (July 2022).


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