House That Looks Like Hobbits Home from LOTR

House That Looks Like Hobbits Home from LOTR

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Bearing a striking resemblance to Bilbo Baggins’ house from The Lord of the Rings, here is a low impact, woodland house built in perfect harmony with nature and the environment.

Simon, the owner of this house, moved in four months after the first brick was laid. Having put in a modest investment of about Rs.2.5 Lakh, ($5000 approx) Simon has constructed a well balanced home, with basic amenities for every day living.

He has made use of several materials from straw bales in the floor to lime plaster on the walls. Armed with a chainsaw, a hammer and a chisel Simon and his father-in-law have successfully managed to build an eco-friendly house.

Living in a house that is self-sustainable, the family follows the perma-culture approach to life. Low impact houses like these have modest investments and provide each and everyone with affordable housing.

Having equipped the house with a heater, a refrigerator and a mechanism to re-use water for the garden, the family lives in a warm and cozy accommodation that most of us have a chance to visit on during our holidays!

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