Stunning Paper Crafts from Ingrid Siliakus

Stunning Paper Crafts from Ingrid Siliakus

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You have already seen the intricate paper castle designed by Wataru Itou that we featured before. It seems there are quite a few people specializing in paper crafts. Traditionally, Paper Architecture is the art of creating an object out of a single piece of paper. We came across an artist named Ingrid Siliakus who specializes in this and her works are truly legendary. The very fact that she uses a single piece of paper for each design is what adds to the awesomeness. Take a look at them below:

She has attempted to recreate some of the world’s most well known buildings in paper.


Taj Mahal

Golden Pavilion

Ingrid’s skills are much sought after. Nike used her papercraft work of the Camp Nou Stadium as communication material for one of their campaigns.

A small video of how it opens up:

On request, she actually styled the following wedding invitation card for a couple who were getting married at the Longview Mansion!

Wallpaper* magazine featured her work on a limited edition cover this February.

If you are quite intrigued by paper architecture and would want to try your hand at this, Ingrid has contributed to a book in this field that could help you get started. (Images below link to Amazon)

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