Cute Space Saving House In Tokyo

Cute Space Saving House In Tokyo

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‘Less is more’ and that is the new mantra! For those who need proof, here is ‘Reflection of the Mineral’, a house built in downtown Nakano, a ward in Tokyo which is roughly just 480 square foot in size.

What stands out in this house designed by Yasuhiro Yamashita, is the successful usage of modern architectural ideas combined with clever use of space as well as structured design.

Having being built on sparse land, it has made use of every inch of space available and in turn has successfully carved a niche for itself in the architectural world. Even though the use of furniture is minimal, it is equipped with every facility that a family may need for its stay.

The appliance in the house as well as the furniture has been constructed keeping the contours of the building in mind. This has created an illusion of space and the house being larger than it really is.

The house has won a lot of accolades, architectural awards and has been featured in prominent magazines as well. Having become a landmark in its own right, the Reflection of the Mineral is a benchmark in the architectural world as well.

Thanks Bruno, Archi Things and Cool Hunter for the pictures!

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