Amazing 3D Immersion Technology!

Amazing 3D Immersion Technology!

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It seems like some of the futuristic movie environments, that we showed you yesterday might become reality sooner than we thought. Check out EON Reality‘s immersive 3D visualization technology(video shown below) that is used by architecture firm WATG to provide clients a walkthrough experience like no other.

Stereoscopic images are projected onto 3 white walls within a 10 ft x 10 ft room and the viewer uses polarized 3D glasses for the experience. IR sensitive cameras track the position of markers fixed onto this 3D glasses to determine the exact location of each eye within the room and the feedback given is used to shift the perpsective of the images projected. We will never really know how it feels as it is a kind of ‘BE there’ experience. Going by the looks, I would say it appears very realistic. The viewer even appears a bit disoriented when you have him standing on the wall’s edge!

(BTW, the bummer here is that the projection equipment costs more than half a million dollars.)


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Watch the video: Amazing 3D ImmersionTechnology (July 2022).


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