Aquariums, Different types of aquariums

Aquariums, Different types of aquariums

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Adding an aquarium to your home sure makes your room beautiful. But more than that studies have shown that observing fish help alleviate stress and reduce blood pressure.

See how beautiful a well lit aquarium looks:

They can be used as a great corner piece…

or a room divider…

… or as decor to your wall unit.

They can be the focal point for rooms…

and they can even be a substitute for your coffee tables!

You can also use your aquarium to give a particular theme to your room. Like the sea-themed room below:

You don’t need to find space inside the room for an aquarium if you decide to opt for a Wall Aquarium:

Wall aquariums can take fancy shapes like this one:

And speaking of fancy shaped aquariums, how about a toilet aquarium?

designed by Oliver Beckert, producer assures us that the fishes won’t get flushed down as they are on a separate chamber!

Here is another one of them. The Wash Basin Aquarium by Rossari:

the Clock Aquarium…?

Lamp Aquarium – scratch resistant spehere, 360 degree viewing, white led lunar light, what more do you need!

and there are people out there who are clever enough to put those old tv sets to better use…

even computers aren’t safe…

We are definitely certain fish won’t survive on this, but for the record here is the ‘CPU’ Aquarium:

by jakebrake3202

We are not sure of the origins of this, and we are not even fully aware of what the following aquarium does, but going by the image, it seems like the fishes are free to travel between two interconnected aquariums placed at different ends of a room through pipes! Now, top that!

That’s it, folks! And after seeing all this, if you have been inspired to set up your own aquarium, we just got the right video to get you started:

How To Set Up A Tropical Fish Tank

Watch the video: 10 Best Fish Tanks 2018 (July 2022).


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